Griffondale’s semi-resident adventure company, the Academy Street Adventuring Professionals have established themselves as The Great Kingdom’s premier band of swords-and-spells-for-hire! This misfit outfit consists of the following:

Natalie Weston“I’m not that kind of girl . . . unless of course you’re paying me to be. . .”

A female human bard that is both a Lady and a tramp! Moonlights as an entertainer but is often mistaken for a ‘working girl’, something that doesn’t seem to upset her all that very much.

Sciv & Scruffy “Oh, yeah?! EAT THIS! . . wait, not you fat ass!”

A grubby goblin sorcerer and his fat rat familiar. A practitioner of infernal magic, Sciv slings arcane energy as well as he does insults. For a goblin, he has some surprisingly redeeming qualities, with the exception of an unhealthy dung-fetish.

Tabitha“I may be small on height, but I’m BIG on Hurt!”

A former grappler turned rogue, this pint-sized gnome is all about attitude. She’s living proof that it ain’t the size of the blade that counts . . . it’s knowing exactly where to stick it. Vasectomy, anyone?

Dirk Lockhart“You can’t put a price on a miracle . . . but you can reward those who deliver it!”

Burly, handsome and about as sharp as a butter knife, this human cleric is a ladies man with the worst of luck. Stripped of his paladin-hood for not bothering to learn the name of his god, Dirk has a moral compass in desperate need of recalibration.


P-O-L Highrune