The city of Griffondale is a quasi-magical, pseudo-medieval, semi-urban metropolis central to the Points of Lite-Heartedness campaign.

Once upon a time, Griffondale was a centre for magical study, but recently, it has slid towards the far end of decadence and corruption, prone to frequent episodes of rowdy hooliganism, political scandal, bureaucratic inefficiency, self-induced disaster and civil discord.

It is home to the fabled Academy of Arcane Arts (a school of wizardry that has produced no fewer than three of the world’s most notorious mages), The University of Griffondale (an educational institute more famous for its rowdy campus parties than its curriculum) and the Griffondale Coliseum (a place where civilized people go for barbaric entertainment).

It is also the the occasional headquarters of the Academy Street Adventuring Professionals – ASAP for short – a band of unconventional oddballs who have somehow managed to establish themselves as the world’s premier adventuring company.

The present incarnation of ASAP features it’s original founders – Natalie Weston, a hot female bard often mistaken for a working girl – Sciv & Scruffy, a wry goblin warlock and his obese rat familiar – Tabitha – a grumpy gnome and former pit-fighter-turned-rogue – and Dirk Lockhart, a cleric of Pelor who’s never been the brightest candle in the box . . .


P-O-L Highrune