The World

The Great Kingdoms, as they are known collectively in Highspeech, is name of the largest explored portion of the yet un-named fictional, home-brew world central to the Points of Lite-Heartedness campaign.

As rpg game-settings go, the world of The Great Kingdoms is one where high-fantasy routinely meets the highly-farcical . . . it’s classic Dungeons & Dragons with an emphasis on the humourous and absurd. While it draws on the traditional cliches present in most D&D settings, The Great Kingdoms it also encourages the embrace of all things ‘dorky’ . . . the very heart and soul of pen-and-paper gaming!

Presently, the brightest ‘point of light’ in this campaign world is the quasi-medieval city of Griffondale.

It is home to countless bands of adventurers . . . the most notorious, er, notable of whom are the Academy Street Adventuring Professionals or ASAP for short, who occasionally headquarter in the city of Griffondale.

The World

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